Distiller’s Art 2002 Benrinnes

Bottle Image
  • Initial floral fragrance of lychee and passionfruit
  • Heavy roasted coffee and rum-soaked star fruit bouquet
  • Opens to notes of cloudy apple juice with wood char
  • Entry is 85% dark cocoa with a wealth of stewing tropic fruit with a large helping of spice
  • When diluted, burnt chocolate sponge cake and sweet sherry materializes
  • The finish is ridiculously long with notes of bitter coffee and chocolate biscuits chased with clean, refreshing mint
  • With time, burnt double-chocolate-chip cookie crumbs filter through

Benrinnes Distillery Fact

The Benrinnes distillery (sometimes spelled as ‘Ben Rinnes’) was constructed near the site of an earlier distillery, which was built near Whitehouse Farm, Banffshire in 1826.
It was perhaps not the most fortunate choice of locations. The first Benrinnes distillery was destroyed by a flood in 1829. Ordinary people might have given up, but not the Scots. Another distillery was constructed nearby around 1835.

The ownership of this new distillery changed several times before John Dewar & Sons acquired Benrinnes in 1922. In 1925 the John Dewar & Sons company merged with DCL (Distillery Company Limited, now part of UDC / Diageo).

  • Aged 14 Years
  • Cases Available (6/750ML) 85
  • Bottling Strength 56.80% alc/vol
  • Cask Type Sherry
  • Year Founded 1834
  • Water Source Scurran Burn & Rowantree Burn
  • Region Speyside