Distiller’s Art 2001 Laphroaig

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Tasting Notes
  • Seaweed and anise bouquet with developing sweet aromas of apple and blackcurrant in the background
  • Quite punchy at full-strength with classic medicinal peat at the forefront
  • Laced with orange and butterscotch
  • Coastal air lingers

Aged 15 Years

Cases Available (6/750ML) 29

Bottling Strength 57.20% alc/vol

Cask Type Sherry

Year Founded 1850

Water Source Kilbride Stream

Region Islay

Laphroaig Distillery Fact

No one knows the full history of Laphroaig as much of it has been lost in the midst of time unfortunately.

It’s clear that the Irish had been distilling here for many years and that the locals picked up the skills when they left, but because it was illegal the small stills on the farms were rarely discussed – just a nod and a wink in the right direction!

What we do know though, is that the Johnston’s started farming here around 1800, and that soon after Messers Charles and Willie Doig were asked to do some ‘work on a distillery’ at Laphroaig.

By 1815 Laphroaig’s reputation had spread and the tax man was getting suspicious so they officially established Johnston & Johnston and the legend of Laphroaig begun.