Distiller’s Art 1996 North British Single Grain

  • Aromatic sweet fudge and sugar icing over ripe bananas
  • Nutmeg laced with lavender
  • Larger, wider, clearer on the palate, tangibly bigger
  • Foam bananas, flora fudge
  • Masses of vanilla with dried coconut
  • Sweet, a little spicy
  • Finish is simply divine; like diving into fudge chunks and ice cream

North British Distillery Fact

The North British distillery was established in 1885. The founders of the distillery (near Edinburgh) were a group of local businessmen, including one Andrew Usher, who was one of the first merchants to market a blended whisky. Operations at the North British grain distillery started in 1887.

Over the years the distillery grew into Scotland’s second largest grain whisky distillery with an annual production capacity of circa 64,000,000 litres of alcohol per year.

  • Aged 19 Years
  • Cases Available (6/750ml) 7
  • Bottling Strength 53.40% alc/vol
  • Cask Type Sherry
  • Year Founded 1887
  • Water Source Pentland Hills via the Union Canal
  • Region Lowlands